Facecare                                   50min           80€

Back and facecare                 75 min        100 €

Back, facecare and feet       90 min        130 €



Mind Body Spirit                     60 min         80 €                                              

Mind Body Spirit                     90 min        120 € 



Sound Massage and deep relaxation

Session with Tibetans bols solo or integrated as a deeper relaxation at the end of one of these two massages kobido or yoga-thaï.

Sound Relaxation                               15 min        20

Sound Massage and Relaxation    45 min       50€ (with 15/20 mins of stretches and deep massage depending of your need)

Practiced on a regular basis, the massages give you a positive energy, considerably improve the flexibility, reduce the stress, the problems of circulation gradually decreasing the pains installed for a long time. The session will become, over the minutes, a real meditation that will help improve your concentration by soothing the restless minds.
Smile (Kobido)    
> 5 x 50min           300€  (60€/each seance)
> 5 x 1h15              400€  (80€/each seance)
> 5 x 1h30             500€ (100€/each seance)

The smile package is specifically created for KOBIDO facial care, recommended for people who want a quick and visible result. In one session you will have the immediate effect “photoshop”, but the effect will be all the more saved over time if we bring together a series of sessions. This formula guarantees you a perfect complexion and a subtle smile on the lips with a secret that you will have the right to reveal, of course!

(Valid two months after the date of purchase)
Paradise ( Yoga thaï)
5 x 1h                300€ (60€/h)
5 x 1h30           450€ (90€/each)
The paradise package is ideal for people who wish to regularly enjoy a moment of well-being. But also, visibly feel their condition improve or fix the results over a longer period.
(Valid six months after the date of purchase)

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