LE KOBIDO a true natural Japanese facelift:

KOBIDO – The traditional way to beauty

KO “Ancient

BI “Beauty

DO “Way

Kobido is a most soothing and effective care that exists. This technique stimulates the nervous system, blood and lymphatic circulation, which helps to renew dead cells and improve the appearance of the face.

The Japanese facial massage “KO BI DO” is a particularly surprising and effective technique on wrinkles and fine lines, but also on the muscle tone of the face and the oxygenation of the epidermis. It is practiced in three phases with slipped effleurages, kneading, pressure and pinching.

This combination stimulates the nervous system and increases cellular activation, it promotes skin tone, decreased muscle relaxation and radiance.

The result is amazing, after this relaxing Japanese massage of the face, you are wonderfully relaxed, your skin is beautiful, your skin is radiant. Relaxation and serenity can be read on your face, it seems to be a true photoshop retouch 🙂

Naturel beauty product from Aroma-zone

Ytoko uses only natural beauty products from Aroma-Zone brand(photo: © Justin Badenhorst)

Process of the session

I start the session with a back massage of 10 or 15 min as needed.Then comes the ritual with warm towels that I apply to the face.The modeling takes an average of 20 min, then I finish with the work of the meridians on the face as well as marma points (Indian acupuncture point).

back massage for kobido ytoko massage

kobido ytoko massage

kobido ytoko

marma point kobido massage

(Photos: ©Wesley Wilquin)


The yoga-Thai massage takes place on a mattress on the floor.Please wear clothes as comfortable as for a yoga class, otherwise let me know and I will provide you with it.This technique is a mixture of very soft Thai massage and stretches in a passive sequence of yoga postures. A work on zen lines and marma points (= Indian acupuncture) ensures a good energy circulation, releases tension and rebalances the body and the mental state. This massage guarantees a meditation of mindfulness and deep well-being.The treatment is personalized according to your needs and can be varied between energizing or relaxing depending on the time of day.

(Photos: ©Wesley Wilquin)

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